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Summary Statement

Dynamic BCS Properties, LLC was established in 2018 to provide professional property and asset management services to affiliated multifamily owners.  


We specialize in locating underperforming and undervalued multi-family properties, and revitalizing the asset by completing repairs and deferred maintenance, upgrading units, improving the efficiency of operations, maximizing marketing campaigns, and establishing professional management to maintain the property.


Servicing properties that are in the local area allows us to offer a level of management that is hands-on and improves the overall operation of the property and more importantly the living experience of each tenant.

Mission Statement

To locate, acquire, and reposition multifamily properties in the Bryan/College Station and surrounding communities.  To manage these properties with the utmost professionalism and ethical standards in order to provide an improved quality of life for community tenants and strive to meet and/or exceed the expectations of investors.   

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